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SAP Digital Supply Chain Solution Implementation - Plaisio, Leading Greek Retailer

Admin Oct 7, 2019 2:32:00 PM
Reducing workload by 70% and increasing productivity by 20% with Rocket SAP digital supply chain solutions case study

Reducing workload by 70% and increasing productivity by 20%.

Founded in 1969, Plaisio Computers SA is the leading retailer for office products, consumer electronics and IT products in Greece.


The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges Plaisio faced was having to manage the organisation across five main distribution centres in different locations, with each of these warehouses serving different product ranges. A step change was needed, and Plaisio’s president and CEO, Mr. George Gerardos, made the decision to invest in the biggest, state of the art distribution centre in Greece, housing all of their offices and operations under one roof.

The Solution

SAP Solution:
• ECC 6 & IS Retail
• SAP Warehouse Management
• SAP Task and Resource Management

Rocket Packs:
• TRM Enhancement Pack
• Extended RF Material Enquiry

Mobile Solution:
• Psion Teklogix Handheld RF Devices
• Zebra Mobile Printers
• SAPConsole

Technology Integration:
• Savoye Tote Picking & Sortation Conveyor

Business Outcomes

      • Reduced the physical workload by 70% for checking and packing
      • Significant cost savings by consolidating 5 warehouses into one
      • 20% increase in productivity for replenishment and put away activities by the fork lift operators


“Rocket Consulting has been involved in designing and implementing all the physical and system processes within Plaisio’s state of the art warehouse. Throughout all the Go Lives, from the smallest to the biggest, we have been impressed by their commitment, professionalism and their overall expertise.”

— Costas Stavroulakis, Plaisio’s Project Manager.

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