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SAP Digital Supply Chain - Leading Global Cosmetic & Beauty Retailers

Admin Oct 7, 2019 2:32:00 PM
Improving high inventory cost with Rocket SAP ERP IS-Retail track and trace case study

Using SAP ERP IS-Retail with track and trace and Warehouse Management to not only significantly reduce the cost of inventory, but simplify the entire in-store receiving and inventory management process

A leading cosmetic and beauty retailer required supply chain expertise to reengineer their product handling and traceability on their SAP IS-Retail system to address high inventory holding cost and create a better buying journey for the consumers.

The Challenge

Inconsistencies in global article identification, labelling and inventory processes have led to master data proliferation, increased inventory holding and confusing offers to the consumer, ultimately creating significant inventory holding and handling costs impacting over 1200 articles in over 2500 stores in 61 countries.

The Solution

Existing SAP ECC IS-Retail processes will be re-engineered introducing batch management and procurement to all product variants with substitute GTIN as the basis for master data and process simplification.

Business Outcomes

  • Significant reduction in inventory holding and handling cost
  • Reduction in article proliferation
  • Simplification of in-store receiving and inventory management
  • Compliant article traceability
  • Streamlined supplier ordering process
  • Simplified offer to the customer

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