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SAP EWM UX and mobile technology. Streamlining warehouse workforces

Admin October 4, 2021
Creating a high-performance, empowered warehouse workforce with an optimised operational mobile user interface and transformed SAP mobile user experience.

The Customer

One of Europe's largest and fastest-growing technology distribution and specialist service providers, supplying products from over 350 technology brands to a customer base of 22,850 retailers and resellers.

Operating costs reduction is an overall strategic goal of the wider SAP transformation programme (find out more in the case studies for SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) and SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM)). A key area to benefit from this high volume/low margin operation is the 250-strong mobile workforce. 

The Challenge

Rocket's client wanted to ensure their distribution centres' mobile workforce could deliver high productivity and quality while providing a wide range of intra-logistics activities and varied customer-specific services typical of their business.

Cost, productivity, and quality benefits were identified across the full range of warehouse activities, as well as an opportunity to reduce associated training and support costs across the warehouse mobile workforce.

As a specialist service provider offering extensive value add and customer-specific services, the distribution centres support varied processes, which have historically added considerable complexity to the operation. Mobile process simplification and optimisation while retaining flexibility is a key success factor, particularly in the picking processes.

Training time is a significant part of any logistics service provider, especially when managing the significant demand peaks of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas, where high levels of contingent staff are necessary.

Reducing the training time and cost and accelerating user adoption time to reach full productivity represented a huge benefit.

Furthermore, integration of the Jungheinrich Material Handling Equipment warehouse navigation system to SAP was critical to enable the productivity gains available from deploying this performance and safety improvement in the narrow aisle and wide aisle trucks.


The Solution

To achieve their goals, our client turned to their specialist SAP Digital Supply Chain and mobile technology partner, Rocket, to propose an approach to work seamlessly as part of their SAP transformation programme, which included implementing SAP EWM and SAP TM by Rocket.

The proposed approach follows Rocket's best practice for creating high-performance mobile workforces by bringing together all aspects into a single turnkey solution led with the unique Rocket Design and Operational Thinking design methodology ideal for supply chain situations:

exertis cs pic

At the heart of the solution is Rocket Mobile. While retaining 100% of the standard SAP EWM functionality, configuration setup and data, Rocket Mobile improves the native EWM capability and mobile user interface.

As part of the turnkey mobile solution provided by Rocket, the following mobile devices were provided and commissioned for optimal operation with SAP EWM and Rocket Mobile UX edition:

• Honeywell CT40 handheld devices running Rocket Mobile.
• Honeywell VM1A vehicle-mounted devices running Rocket Mobile.
• Jungheinrich MHE warehouse navigation integration with SAP EWM.

The client’s goals were addressed by providing streamlined mobile processes with optimisations and user experience improvements such as:

• Streamlined, easy to use mobile interface.
• Improved menus.
• Touch screen optimised interaction and navigation.
• Improved visual user feedback.
• Informative error handling.
• Cleaner screens with no redundant data.
• Corporate branding.

 Business Outcomes

“Rocket mobile has helped our business massively; not only is it customisable to meet our needs but has also given us the following benefits: better employee adoption, shorter training times, greater warehouse efficiencies, more engaging user interface”.

- Matthew Moore, NDC Senior Supervisor

  • Significantly faster user adoption as a result of the ease of use and modern look and feel.
  • Better employee engagement with brand – improving work culture.
  • Lower warehouse activity cost; increased productivity with fewer mistakes.
  • Aligned multiple warehouse operations under a common mobile picking tool and process.
  • Productivity and safety gains from Jungheinrich MHE warehouse navigation integration.
Efficiency Gains
  • Training cost and time significantly reduced to less than 20 minutes.
  • Very short time to full productivity – days to hours.

“During our time dealing with the Rocket team, it has been a real pleasure. Their passion and dedication to the project have been more than I would have expected; nothing is more contagious than enthusiasm. Rocket Mobile has a far better layout and design and is by far more user friendly.

Throughout the project, the Rocket team has been driven to deliver our requirements, helped customise Rocket Mobile to match our business requirements. The team is always on hand to listen to advice and to help bring requirements to fruition with collaboration”.

- Matthew Moore, NDC Senior Supervisor

Rocket Mobile in action

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