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Creating a Flexible Service and Fulfilment Hub with SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Admin May 7, 2020
Rocket creates true process optimisation, shorter time leads and full time product lifecycle traceability with SAP Extended Warehouse Management case study

A Global Logistics company wanted to create a fulfilment hub and service centre to service their client, a leading UK and Ireland national supplier of tool and equipment hire.

Rocket Consulting helped their client achieve true process optimisation, shorter lead times and full product lifecycle traceability.


The Challenge

Rocket’s client needed a national distribution hub capable of responding to dynamic short lead time demand, handling diverse product types and high service maintenance requirements. Order changes frequently occur late in the fulfilment process with a large proportion (about 30%) being same day dispatch, often less than 4 hours.

The Solution

Rocket implemented SAP Extended Warehouse Management to drive warehouse process optimisation, automation and mobilisation. Other features include serial number and yard management with dock appointment scheduling, integrated Service Maintenance business processes into SAP ERP and Plant Maintenance. SAP EWM’s flexible Process and Layout Oriented Storage Control will be used to manage the diverse receiving, handling and storage requirements.

Business Outcomes

  • Agile fulfilment capability
  • Ability to respond quickly to variable demand
  • Provides shorter lead times
  • Dynamic reprioritisation of stock allocation
  • Avoid delays and manual overhead
  • Full product lifecycle traceability
  • Flexible warehouse execution
  • Management of diverse product types and associated variable receiving, checking, servicing and physical handling requirements.

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