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Mobile proof of delivery for leading retail and wholesale food logistics provider

Admin June 7, 2023
Mobile proof of delivery for leading retail and wholesale food logistics provider

Boughey Distribution are one of the UK’s leading logistics providers to the food industry with particular experience and expertise in the ambient grocery sector. To improve customer service and digitalise existing paper-based proof of delivery processes, Boughey selected Rocket as their SAP partner to provide and implement a mobile proof of delivery solution that would work seamlessly with the Boughey SAP Business Suite (SAP ECC) ERP system and processes.

The Challenge

Boughey want to modernise and improve the existing in-cab and on the road processes for delivery management and proof of delivery across their B2B logistics services provision for their clients.

To achieve this the existing paper-based and administration intensive processes will be transformed through the introduction of a real-time mobile logistics management solution. The desired solution will be seamlessly integrated into the existing SAP Business Suite (SAP ECC) and be provided to all drivers by means of specialised in-cab mobile devices.

A specialist SAP partner able to implement a turnkey mobile proof of delivery solution into the existing Boughey SAP ECC landscape was required.

Working in collaboration with Barcode-IT, Rocket was selected for a combination of specialisation in SAP consulting and implementation services for supply chain and operationally intensive businesses and the Rocket Logics mobile Proof of Delivery solution for SAP which was selected over competitors for the ease of use, capability and lower cost to implement thanks to the standard SAP integration.

Furthermore, the project includes the evaluation and adoption of the SAP Digital Access licence structure. Adoption of this will allow significant license cost savings for the mobile workforce using Rocket Logics which has an SAP Digital Access approved architecture.

The Solution & Approach

Rocket:Logics mobile proof of delivery (ePOD) and mobile logistics management is being deployed; taking advantage of the standard, real-time integration into SAP ECC, directly into the delivery document and standard document flow for ease of use to quickly enable Boughey Distribution with the following capabilities in their B2B logistics services:

  • Electronic delivery manifest
  • Mobile POD with photo and signature
  • POD document generation (as PDF)
  • Delivery exception management
  • Automatic customer POD advice
  • Customer portal POD information

Mobile Technology

It expected that approximately 100 drivers will be provided the Rocket Logics mobile POD solution utilising Datalogic Memor 10 handheld devices, running android operating system and optimised for in-cab and on the road use. Contract drivers will also be able to operate using Rocket Logics on their android smartphones.

Business Outcomes

  • Process Automation – reduction of manual administration time and removal of paper intensive manual processes
  • Customer Service - improve customer service in line with modern expectations, real time notification of proof of delivery with supporting document (signature, timestamp, photo)
  • Automation of email updates to customer
  • Proactive exception management with automatic notification to customer service team in case of POD exceptions (claused POD)
  • Remove lag between delivery and invoicing process
  • Enabling own fleet of vehicles/driver and outsourced/3PL drivers

Anticipated Project Outcomes


  • Expected to save around 200 hours per week of manual paper administration
  • Customer Service: Improvements through digital final mile experience for B2B commerce


  • Process automation will improve cashflow by allowing invoicing 7 to 10 days sooner


  • Project is expected to save around 4,000,000 sheets of paper annually; that’s around 400 trees and 40 million litres of water, not to mention the reduction in associated atmospheric pollutants (NO2, SO2 & CO2)

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