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Proactive SAP Application Management: Minimising Costs and Downtime

Silvia Ricciardi July 2, 2024
Proactive SAP Application Management: Minimising Costs and Downtime with Rocket Run
With Rocket Run Advanced Landscape Monitoring combined with Application Support, Rocket enhances performance, reduces operating effort and Azure Cloud costs for the SAP-run business Wärtsilä, in the marine and energy sector.

Wärtsilä Defence Solutions, part of Wärtsilä Corporation, a global leader in smart technologies and complete lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets, faced many challenges common to SAP-run businesses in managing their SAP landscape. Wärtsilä relied on Rocket to implement Rocket Run SAP Application Management Services, a tailored solution to effectively address these challenges. The main objectives included achieving substantial IT time and cost savings through automation and proactive management of the client's SAP HANA landscape, which runs in an Azure Private Cloud and spans critical business functions, such as supply chain management, financials, and maintenance.

Rocket Run represents the most comprehensive SAP Operations Management and Application Support Managed Service. It features Rocket Advanced SAP System Monitoring, built on the SAP Focused Run platform. This service is tailored for high-volume, high-performance systems and application monitoring, alerting, and analytics.

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The Client’s Challenge: Cutting Cloud Costs and IT Workload

Wärtsilä’s in-house IT team was stretched thin managing routine system administration tasks while focusing on maintaining an efficient and reliable SAP environment to keep providing high service levels to their customers.

Since migrating to SAP HANA on a Private Azure Cloud, the SAP Cloud infrastructure costs began to trend upwards, particularly due to the memory requirements of SAP HANA. Wärtsilä Defence Solutions needed to quickly bring these costs back into check and avoid unexpected cost increases in the future.

Security compliance was another critical factor for the client: identifying the required SAP security patches for their system every month was very time consuming.


Rocket’s Solution: Rocket Run Advanced SAP System Management

After listening to Wärtsilä’s needs, Rocket Run was the go-to solution to solve their challenges. This next-generation SAP system landscape management and application support tool can uphold and enhance high-performing SAP environments.

With a simple, and at the same time secure, connection into the SAP system, Rocket Run proactively monitors the SAP landscape, alerting and directing IT personnel directly to potential issues, sending daily reports directly into the client’s inbox. It also offers root cause analysis, together with analytics, health checks and corrective actions. Rocket Run also automates security patch identification, ensuring timely updates.

Additionally, Rocket has adopted a cost-effective commercial model with month-on-month Return on Investment (ROI), avoiding private cloud cost escalation with memory and disk utilisation monitoring.


Rocket Run figures saving annual cloud costs


Business Success: Key Outcomes of Rocket Run’s implementation

Opting for Rocket Run on SAP Business Suite (ECC) on HANA and Private Cloud (Azure) allowed Wärtsilä to quickly reach significant business goals, saving considerably on Cloud and IT operations.

Business Outcomes:

  • Improved SAP landscape reliability with proactive issue alerting, reducing the risk of unplanned system downtime.

  • Reduced SAP related IT admin workload by 95%, through automation of daily and weekly system monitoring.
  • Strengthened security posture by making monthly security patches a reality at 40% less effort and reduced vulnerability exposure.

  • Significant 37% reduction in annual Azure SAP Cloud infrastructure costs, including a 70% reduction in HANA memory usage, without compromising performance.

Having chosen Rocket Run proactive SAP Application Management Services, Wärtsilä is now able to operate a reliable, efficient, and secure SAP landscape at a significantly lower IT cost overhead, releasing valuable resources to focus on strategic business activities. Rocket's tailored approach aligned with the client's industry-specific needs and Cloud-based SAP landscape, demonstrating the effectiveness of Rocket's smart SAP Application Management Services and Platforms to deliver reliability and cost-based ROI.

Rocket can help companies manage their SAP landscapes from single systems to large and complex ones. Rocket also regularly supplements the client’s existing BAU support or in-house teams when it comes to new innovations and specialised platforms, such as Extended Warehouse Management, Transportation Management, and other SAP DSC applications. Discover the savings your business can make choosing proactive Application Management Services for your SAP digital operations and supply chains. Get in touch today for a demonstration of how Rocket Run can revolutionise your SAP-run business.

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