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SAP Business Technology Platform. Real-time Asset Location Tracking

Admin March 5, 2021
Transform consumer in-store retail experience through real-time asset location tracking for Google

The Challenge

The Google retail team responsible for creation of the pop-up shops called ‘Made by Google’ to drive retail sales of Google's own brand range of hardware devices wanted to explore how they could transform the consumer in-store retail experience by allowing greater freedom to consumers to interact with the devices in-store.

The project challenge was both technical and experiential, with the goal of creating a working pilot for real-time tracking of a wide range of Google devices including VR headsets, mobile phones, and voice-activated Google Home devices to allow consumers to interact freely with the devices within the store and even request sales support at the push of a button.

SAP EWM Mobile

The Solution & Approach

Using the SAP Technology Platform (formerly known as SAP Cloud Platform) and drawing on mobile technology expertise from across the supply chain, Rocket created a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon asset tracking platform.

The Rocket Retail Asset Tracking Platform provides a digital solution across the full store life cycle.

  • Store commissioning
    • New store floorplan can be quickly set up, including the definition of store zones and warning zones (such as areas closer to the exits).
    • Store staff mobile devices are registered for alerting and notifications.
    • The personalised Google Store Floorplan.
  • Adding new products/assets
    • A new product/asset can be easily registered through a smartphone, tablet or PC via a store administration portal.
  • Live tracking
    • Products/assets can be tracked and located within the store in real-time using a smartphone, tablet, or PC.
  • Alerting
    • When a product moves into a warning zone the shop staff are issued a notification on their registered mobile devices.
  • Management
    • Beacons and Nodes that support the solution are easily managed through the Rocket Retail Asset Tracking Platform store management portal.

Business Outcomes

  • Successful pilot demonstrated indoor real-time asset tracking to the required level of accuracy
  • Easy creation of a graphical store layout
  • Real-time visual assets location within store zones
  • Immediate alerting of assets moving toward store exit area
  • Salesperson request via a push of a button
  • Opportunity for other data collection, such as drop sensing

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