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Fast, Simple & Secure HMRC Import/Export Customs Documentation Handling within SAP

Lewis Marston Jan 20, 2021 4:04:43 PM
Fast, Simple & Secure HMRC Import/Export Customs Documentation Handling within SAP

SAP run business? Beat the Brexit paperwork headache.

The arrangements agreed under the Brexit deal have resulted in enormous bureaucratic regulations for UK imports and exports, particularly for recipients in the UK.

Legal compliance, in particular the paperwork requirements, are having a serious impact on supply chain operations, swamping many businesses, delaying goods and impacting sales. Some carriers have already suspended shipments to or from the UK as a result!

Compounding this problem is that for many of the UK recipients (Importers or Consignee’s) this is the first time they have had to deal with customs procedures.

Responding to the paperwork challenge quickly

Being compliant with the necessary audit trail, without the delays of paper administration, is essential to managing workloads efficiently and getting back to business in a post-Brexit world.

Digitalisation and automation of paper processes is the key to success by removing paper RM Brexit Proof of Evidence-1bottlenecks, keeping the flow of information in real-time and providing a digital audit trail for compliance.

For SAP run businesses, Rocket Mobile provides ‘out-of-the-box’ mobile document capture, allowing import and export documentation to be signed and captured as part of the existing receiving or dispatch process, in-situ and in real-time. Rocket Mobile Proof of Evidence mobile document scanning is fast to implement, completely within SAP, without external software or data repositories, making HMRC customs documentation retention and submission, simple, fast and secure.

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Start seeing the benefits an optimised SAP mobile user experience can deliver to your business today and learn how you can reduce the administrative burden of Brexit.

If you would like further information, request a demo to see the features that can support your Brexit paperwork compliance processes.

Pricing and features comparison can be found here.

Rocket offers a validation service for mobile devices, reassuring customers that the selected hardware will work effectively with SAP Digital Supply Chain applications to unlock the full potential of your mobile workforce. Learn more here.

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