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Global SAP ERP System Landscape Transformation

Admin November 3, 2020

Global SAP ERP system landscape transformation to enable legal entity carve-out to strengthen compliance with Government Information and Communications Technology security requirements achieved with SAP Business Suite on HANA.

Partnering with a UK subsidiary of a global specialist manufacturer and service provider to government departments where compliance of information and communications technology security is key for the SAP ERP system processing.

The Challenge

Our client is part of a global organisation with single global SAP ERP.  To further strengthen the compliance requirements in-line with the latest standards, amendments to the government Information and Communications Technology (ICT) security and handling of data, had to be rigorously met.

The implications to our client were that they could no longer operate within a global system landscape as this would mean data was potentially available outside the limits of the compliance. Furthermore, they could no longer make use of the offshore global business systems support.

To achieve this, the people, operations facilities and supporting business systems, IT infrastructure and data storage needed to separate into an independent entity responsible for serving the contracts.

To deliver this business system transformation they looked for a consultancy and system implementation partner with expertise in SAP HANA and SAP ERP solutions, as well as Cloud, with a proven SAP migration methodology and strong experience and understanding of working with manufacturing and engineering businesses.

The project had tight timelines, with a six-month window to achieve this and ensure continuity of the existing commitments with customers. There were also numerous dependencies across multiple streams of the business carve-out process, including internal teams and other contractors in the programme.

SAP EWM Mobile

The Solution

Rocket were responsible for the creation of an SAP Suite on HANA solution to serve the new independent entity and isolate the processes and data within this organisation only. The approach used to do this was to take the existing global SAP solution as the basis and carve-out a localised, independent SAP ERP that would be run on isolated IT infrastructure and interfaced, where necessary, with the global SAP and other systems, ensuring data isolation and security throughout. The global SAP instance served over 40 countries, and addressing the 9TB of data supporting this was a key success factor.

The Rocket SAP system migration approach and tools used were key to achieving the goals within the timeline and on budget:

  • Analysis - Identify, quantify and prioritise the impacted system aspects (processes, configuration, data, interfaces, and developments) and risks of the system migration.
  • Migration Automation - Review & recommendation of tools (SAP tools: Test Data Migration Server (TDMS) / SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server (SLT) / SAP Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW)).
  • Proof of Concept Migration.
  • Build & Unit Test – Re-work all necessary areas of system impact, set-up and execute migration automation (SAP TDMS selected in this project).
  • User Acceptance Testing.
  • Dress Rehearsal.
  • Go live & Support.

Following this approach and working in a very close, open and flexible partnership between Rocket and the client was a key part of the success of the project and delivering against the proposal, on-time and on-budget.

Business Outcomes

  • Standalone UK SAP ERP on HANA created from a single global system with automated data cleansing and reduction from over 9TB down to 600 GB SAP using SAP Test Data Migration Server.
  • Integrity of system processes required to support the new entity was fully delivered.
  • Zero impact on customer service throughout the project or over the go-live and support period.
  • Compliance with Government Information and Communications Technology security accreditation requirements.

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