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Increased Speed of Picking from Days to Minutes - Premium French Fashion House

Admin Oct 7, 2019 2:32:00 PM
Creating 20/30% more free space within warehouses with SAP Rocket:Mobile case study

Created 20/30% more free space. Enhanced customer satisfaction through delivery of premier service.

Rocket Consulting helped a leading fashion, fragrance and beauty brand to revolutionise their warehouse management.

The Challenge

Our client always enjoyed the status as a luxury brand, but historically their back office has needed to work hard to keep up. They were quickly running out of warehouse space, and stock was not always easily located. Capacity management was ineffective, and it was taking far too long to put goods away and this was impacting overall supply chain performance.

The Solution

Despite having been running SAP since 1998, they had not yet extended their landscape to include Warehouse Management. They looked at 3 partners and Rocket Consulting stood out with their presentation, style and capability.

Business Outcomes

  • Created 20/30% more free space
  • Increased the speed of picking from days to minutes
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through delivery of premier service
  • Improved capacity and productivity
  • Enhanced KPI’s and improved performance
  • Streamlined headcount and saved considerable costs on hiring temp staff
  • Improved quality and accuracy

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