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Posted on Dec 16, 2020
by Caroline Macleod

SAP EWM: Mobilise SAP Warehouse & Production Operations

Mobile technology is enabling SAP-run supply chain and operation intensive businesses to redesign processes entirely for greater efficiency. With more pressure on businesses to remove the lag associated with manual paper based processes through automation, optimised SAP mobility is guaranteed to provide a multitude of proven cost, quality, efficiency and productivity benefits during 2021 and beyond.

Optimise your SAP digital supply chain scenarios

The provision of fast and easy mobility access to your SAP warehouse and production workforce can enable your entire team to continue doing their job and performing well, without impacting capacity and productivity. We often see productivity gains of 20-30% in many warehouse and supply chain scenarios.  

Modernising the SAP user experience

Hallmark Cards, wanted to provide their customers with flexibility and additional services that were more optimised for the needs of modern retail stores and ecommerce.

As long-standing users of SAP and a client of Rocket, they knew that tackling the mobile user experience was a critical success factor of creating streamlined supply chain processes.

Learn more about how Hallmark increased picking productivity by 1500 picks per day

Keep pace with Modern mobile user expectations

SAP recommends using the Internet Transaction Server (ITS) mobile technology. ITS is SAP’s standard technology that provides a route to mobile screens for your SAP transactions.

Unfortunately, the mobile user interface and resulting UX haven’t kept pace with expectations, leaving much to be desired when it comes to the user interface. This can significantly impact the potential gains and indirect benefits/costs, such as on-boarding, training and user adoption rates. If training is complex and laborious, on-boarding time will be extensive, with less of a guarantee that engagement and process reliability will be high.

Before & after switching from SAP ITS to Rocket Mobile

1-CT40-ITS login screen-6CT40-Rocket Mobile Logon Screen

With today’s modern users, mobile experience expectations are high, and many standard mobile solutions are failing to provide a responsive interface design. This results in benefits, such as instantly updated inventory and stock availability, not being realised to their full potential.

Over the past two years we have spoken to many customers seeking to improve the SAP mobile experience. Many of these customers are using SAP EWM and are seeking to simplify and mobilise processes, or are focusing on productivity and usability in a retail environment where branding and more customer facing priorities are driving the need for change.

Significantly Improve SAP EWM UX

Driven by customer requirements for improved usability and user experience (UX), Rocket developed Rocket Mobile.

Rocket Mobile is fully compatible with EWM and the EWM RF Framework, meaning you keep access to all EWM transactions, plus gaining a host of added features and benefits. It is seamlessly integrated with the ITS HTML generation infrastructure and allows you to quickly create a brand-aligned, beautiful and responsive mobile and web user interface, giving your SAP EWM users a significantly improved UX.

Rocket Mobile Comparison Chart Features

Rocket Mobile is fully integrated within SAP, keeping your IT landscape simple, and retains all the technical benefits of SAP ITS with no additional software components required.

Learn more about Rocket Mobile.

If you are seeking to understand the significant advantages over other SAP mobile solutions, such as Fiori or third-party (non-SAP) bolt-ons such as Moviliser, download The Rocket Guide to Mobilising your Supply Chain workforce with SAP.

Rocket Mobile Logo - Black


Download the Guide

If you would like further information, request a demo to see the improved UX for yourself and the benefits to be gained from the Rocket Mobile UX. Pricing and features comparison can be found here.

Rocket offers a validation service for mobile devices, reassuring customers that the selected hardware will work effectively with SAP Digital Supply Chain applications to unlock the full potential of your mobile workforce. Learn more here.




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