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Posted on Apr 30, 2020
by Lewis Marston

How Rocket is Delivering SAP Project Success with 100% Remote Delivery

Many businesses are rightly concerned about the potential impact of the developing situation with coronavirus. With a customer base across a broad range of industries we have seen a variety of immediate impacts, from one extreme of the overnight disappearance of demand in the tourism and hospitality sectors, to resilience and even increases in demand for consumer products and electronics. 

Wherever your business is on this scale it comes with its own challenges.  

Some of the businesses we work with are starting to resurface from the initial shock waves to consider the impact with a longer-term view; how do they adjust to working under the current social restrictions and mitigate risks of delaying the delivery of important strategic investments, such as business transformation and system implementation projects. 

Successfully delivering remote project work

We've taken a number of positive steps with our customers, allowing their projects to continue uninterrupted, as well as starting strategically important work while respecting social distancing measures to ensure the ongoing well being of our employees.

We have continually invested in the infrastructure, systems, processes and data security that underpin the services we provide, delivered by mixed teams across multiple locations with remote and on-site working. Our unique methodology tool set, team culture and values facilitate a successful remote working model that is now in it's 15th year of operation.

As a result, we have been able to smoothly and quickly transition our customer projects to 100% remote delivery with no interruption to service, and we are best placed to help you establish, optimise and sustain remote working practices if this is something new to your teams. 

Taking advantage of new opportunities

For some businesses, the temporary drop in demand presents the ideal opportunity to initiate or even accelerate business improvement initiatives. However, we appreciate that for many of you the priority is managing cash flow. If you're in this position but still looking to take advantage of the interruption to trade, please contact us to discuss how we are supporting our customers with special payment plans during these challenging times. 

With the majority of economic reports pointing towards a fast up-turn in the second half of the year, many businesses are now looking to ensure they are prepared to make a rapid recovery.


What's more, they are thinking about how they can benefit from the largest economic stimulus package since the Second World War, with over £200 Billion of new money injected into the UK economy through quantitative easing measures.  

Resource shortages is expected to be one of the key risks during this upturn, which is why we're working with forward looking businesses to get projects underway immediately, thanks to our Remote-Start-up project approach. This allows projects to engage and accelerate by re-sequencing the early project stages to efficiently work remotely from the outset. For others, we are simply working closely on forward resource planning to ensure projects can start as and when the time comes. 

With illness and furloughing removing a percentage of the workforce, we are seeing a spike in short-term resource requirements to support depleted in-house SAP teams. If you need any assistance in this area we are happy to help with agile arrangements as necessary. 

In need of support? Get in touch

We are extremely appreciative of the relationship we have with the people and businesses we work with, across both our customers and prospects. By working closely together during this unique period we are confident we can help each other on the journey through the crisis and beyond. 

Want to discuss how we can best support your organisation? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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