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Posted on Dec 17, 2019
by Caroline Macleod

How Performance Management Sustains Optimal Business Outcomes for SAP Digital Supply Chain Customers

High functioning organisations require effective employee performance management systems to promote core business values and develop expertise.

The aim of this is to deliver consistent results, not only for the business but also the client's business.

With the high cost of investment and complexity of many supply chain landscapes, the expectation placed on SAP consulting and implementation partners—particularly those working within the SAP Digital Supply Chain space—is high. This crucial and often complex role the Rocket team plays means that from evaluation/discovery phases through to implementation and support, bringing success across the full SAP project lifecycle requires close and open collaboration with our clients and internal project teams. Employee performance is critical to the success of Rocket and the success of our clients' projects, ensuring our team is focused on meeting deadlines and creating positive customer interactions at every step.


"Creating high employee engagement has been integral to our skills retention and customer success."

Learn more about how Rocket have created higher employee performance and engagement in our latest interview with Lewis Marston, Rocket CEO, and Nick Garnett, Rocket COO.


The Challenge

Looking back at 2016, we recognised that our employee appraisal process was not working. We had poor communication and engagement from our Rocketeers, while there was an inadequate alignment of both company and personal values and goals.

We had an annual, paper-based appraisal which was not really adhered to or valued by either the appraised or the appraiser. The process did not reflect our culture or our ways of working. We recognised that we needed to do something different in order to support our employees' development and growth. This challenge was compounded by the nomadic nature of our team, many working for long periods of time from client sites and/or home.

We identified this as a 'must solve' rock in early 2017.


The Solution & Benefits

We wanted to create a much more dynamic digital process that supported the way we work and would be adopted across the Rocket family. It was essential to align our team with the Rocket values that expedited ROI from customer projects and ensured a high quality of delivery, while working towards personal objectives to further themselves and the business.

To achieve this, we completely overhauled the annual employee review process, replacing it with a continuous performance management approach that was supported by a real-time, digital strategy for our team. Subsequently, we implemented a transformation solution called Clear Review.

Over a year into the solution, and we can confirm this has had a very positive impact on the business and the team.

Clear Review has enabled us to improve our communication and dialogue, and we now have a continuous process of review, with four check-ins per year between employee and line manager—with a minimum of two face-to-face meetings. We have professional and personal goals in Clear Review, which are agreed by the line manager but initiated by the employee. New goals can be entered at any time and, because not all of your goals are defined at a precise time in the year, this has proven to be incredibly useful. Performance-based goals are aligned to company objectives, but personal goals are exactly that: personal, including soft skills.

By investing in a more consistent approach, where employees have visibility of their goals and can update actions taken towards achievement any time they want to, it means that this is a regular activity and not just once a year. Feedback can also be requested at any time, which enables our people to receive real-time feedback on how they are doing.

The implementation of the Clear Review process within Rocket has transformed how we monitor and develop our people. Gone are the days of arduous annual appraisals, whose objectives are never implemented and are often forgotten. Clear Review is a frequent touchpoint process, ensuring that feedback and objectives are current, helping us to deliver benefits to our consultants and our customers.

Clear Review focusses on defining objectives for our staff in two key areas: the core objectives of the business and those focused on personal development. This enables and encourages our consultants to explore outside of their comfort zone and develop themselves professionally, which has a positive effect on their capabilities as well as their wellbeing. 


"Clear Review helps us in our endeavour to ensure that our people are motivated and happy while becoming better consultants, all three of which are directly beneficial to Rocket doing a better job in all areas."


- Nick Garnett, Rocket COO


The success of every SAP Supply Chain and Logistics project has relied on the combination of technology know-how, an innovation mindset and business sector expertise, as well as many undefined elements that give assurance to our customers. We like to ensure our clients are confident that our team can relate to their needs and requirements. Call it emotional intelligence if you will, but this is where Rocket believe we are truly making a difference in the partner space.

The past two years have seen engagement continue to climb and propel the Rocket brand, with new engagement practices now helping to acquire and retain the best talent. Our engaged, motivated and supported team is of significant value to our customers, and the journey of retention, attraction and engagement is critical to our sustainable success path.

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