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Posted on Mar 02, 2017
by Jim Lodwick

Closing the Gap on New Skills and Mindset Required for Digital Disruption

Only once we are aligned to digital readiness can we begin to understand its value.

Let’s face it digital transformation is just another part of the changing world around us. Most of us are already connected by a high-powered little computer in our pockets, and we all know how to share information. But what behaviour and technology changes do we still need to make to evolve our business practices in the supply chain so we can take better advantage of these connected opportunities in the digital economy?

As a consumer the way we buy has changed dramatically and this presents a wide range of opportunities to tap into as a business. But our competitors are on the case too, and if we don’t change our behaviour and the way we use technology then we risk having a disengaged customer base.

Digital disruption is about how we as an organisation look at our business model through fresh eyes and give the customer a new approach, through the benefits of digital technology. It’s about the journey we take them on.

A cultural shift in the way we look at technology

It’s very easy to get companies to understand why they should digitally transform and the potential benefits it brings, but it isn’t as easy to get people to do it quickly and this is where we can become competitive. Often people aren’t able to understand the reasons for undertaking a digital transformation project where the outcomes are not always clear.

With digital transformation there is no one toolbox with the exact solution in it. With an unknown outcome we also don’t know how the wide range of stakeholders will ultimately respond.

Many of us are still in the mind set of old-style linear implementation, the classic project mentality. To succeed in the digital age we need to respond, move fast and create those opportunities. We need to look at the environment that the new outcome needs to be achieved in and work out how we can connect our products, services or assets to our customers.

At Rocket we’ve found that customers’ digital transformation projects are getting stalled on what should be in principle a simple data collection process. That’s why in our Rocket Lab we advise on how to accelerate projects for our customers, build to a lower cost and quickly demonstrate the value that can be derived from your data.

Deriving value from raw data or intellectual property and turning it into predictive business models requires a new type of thinking and new skill set that doesn’t exist in managed organisations.

So what do you need to do now?

Take bite-sized chunks and don’t try to do everything at once – start collecting data now from stakeholders, consumers or wherever you can. Then start thinking about the digitisation of this data and how it will drive the predictive model.

Act fast and start small – don’t delay and understand your roadmap on how to move data collection into a real-time systems intelligence. We can help you with this - just contact us to get started.

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