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Posted on Aug 11, 2021
by Caroline Macleod

Leading UK Grocery Distribution business selects Rocket to implement Rocket:Logics

Rocket has been selected by a leading UK Grocery Distribution business to implement Rocket:Logics, our SAP mobile logistics management solution for SAP-run businesses.

Proof of delivery and mobile logistics management for SAP.

As part of our customers drive to continually improve their supply chain and importantly their customer's supply chain they are looking to provide real-time proof of delivery notification to the recipient when the goods have been delivered, itemising exactly what has been delivered, by who and when and any discrepancies so they can be managed proactively and drive up those customer service levels.

The customer was looking for a partner that understood what it is to be a logistics service provider and the intricacies and complexities involved with that part of the supply chain.  Secondly, they needed someone that understands how SAP works so that any mobile proof of delivery solution could be implemented quickly and cost-effectively into the solution they were already running.

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